MCO 3.0 - 雪兰莪州6县,上班的工作准证

我国的国防部长,依斯迈沙比里在5月4日2021年宣布,从06.02.2021至17.05.2021,雪兰莪州将会有6县执行MCO, 3县执行CMCO。

Transfer Pricing Methodology

The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines (OECD Guidelines) has established 5 common transfer pricing methods that are accepted by nearly all tax authorities and serve the purpose of enhancing transparency for tax administration.

How Many Types of Winding Up in Malaysia

Modes of winding up are stated under the Section 432 of Companies Act, 2016. Basically, there are 2 types of winding up, namely voluntary winding up and compulsory winding up which is order made by the Court.

Accounting treatment relating to Bitcoin

According to MFRS 102 Inventories, if the purpose of holding cryptocurrencies is for sale in the ordinary course of business, it should be treated as inventories.

What Triggers Oppression of Minority Interest?

The definition of oppression is defined in the case, Re Kong Thai Sawmill (Miri) Sdn. Bhd., as a conduct by the majority shareholders which visibly departs from the standards of fair dealing and violates the conditions of fair play that are expected by the minority shareholders.


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